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Lost & Found Stories is my design master thesis from Emily Carr University that explores if collective stories of memory of nature encourage and persuade people’s intentions and how they value our environment through various interactive design strategies. 


As we recognize and live through current environmental issues, consciously and unconsciously we suffer from extraordinary ecological loss and change. The emotional response that people feel from planetary changes and loss is currently termed as ecological and environmental grief. We acknowledge our emotional response, but have limited support or places to openly talk and express about ecological grief.


This design research thesis started with a research question: “Does telling stories about our experiences with nature help us view nature and our environment differently?” I have been interested to find out if engaging with other people’s stories of loss related to the environment could motivate people to tell their own stories and if this might change perspectives on ecological issues through an interactive platform.

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The use of storytelling as a persuasive tool and research method has been increasingly applied by researchers. The study took several storytelling workshops related to childhood memories and environmental changes that we suffer and witness. With participatory workshops the study researched if storytelling nudge people’s behaviour by demonstrating new insights, perceptions and identities.


Storytelling Session, Participatory workshop 

"Understanding if people’s value of the environment could rise by the use of personal storytelling about nature"

Process of Persuasive Design

Marketing Funnel


I created and developed a new digital research tool for citizens to share memories of nature that might persuade people to value the environment differently and to present the sense of loss in nature. I designed a mock-up of my digital citizen research tool that could simulate the performed actions of storytelling online. Through sharing and listening to memories of nature this digital research tool was intended to allow people to explore 1) persuasive design for pro-environmental storytelling, and 2) a new digital research method that facilitates connection by providing a place to interact and respond to other people’s memories of nature.


Wireframes & User Journey

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Sign up &

Start from your local community

Read & Listen & Interact with other stories 

Blend past memory photos 

with current scene to visually support your story  

Browse local 

environmental stories 

near your location.

Narrate your own

story & share

Citizen Research Tool Prototypes

"Master thesis that explores if

people’s collective memory of nature could encourage pro-environmental behaviour"

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