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Reverb is an online platform where Emily Carr University students could reflect, discern and connect art works by critiquing. It is a place to reach, review and reflect on art and design to extend the culture of critique.


In Emily Carr University of art and design, critique is a crucial culture that students and faculties share in order to improve each other’s work. However, students are limited by university credit rules which are organized by time. Therefore, each student will only have approximately 9 minutes of feedback per class. Sine students lack time and feedbacks Emily Carr students will need a place to extend the culture of critique.


In order to extend the culture of critique in art and design, I have purposed an idea to “talk out side of the box”. Simply to create an online platform where students can extend critiques beyond classes. Through user-centered focus approach, the project introduces Emily Carr students and faculties to a different experience of and culture of critique.



Overall, the brand of this project purposely blended into Emily Carr University’s brand colours and concept to gradually invite users to a new platform.

CareCru Brand Guideline


Before developing a finalized platform the project developed an prototype using "Azure" for user performance testing purpose. The user test sessions included 7 primary users (students) and provided recommendations and subjective measures. 

Initial prototype screens for user testing

 During the user test session, participants were provided with 2 questionnaire and 1 step by step guideline. 

2 questionnaire & 1 guideline


User flow


CareCru Brand Guideline


Based on the user testing results, I have developed wireframes of how users will flow through the platform. Results from the user test brought vast changes. The wireframe was developed through a lens of a mobile application. However, the finalized platform is in a web form.

"A place to Review Discuss & Reflect on art & design to extend the culture of critique "


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