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CareCru is a virtual dental practice platform that grows and manages dental practices. Through CareCru, dental practices are able to effectively grow and manage their business, while drastically enhancing patient’s experience.


Various dental practices lacked professional patient management systems to enhance customer and business experience. Dental practices were using old patient management systems that didn’t track online customer reviews, referrals, and estimated revenues. Moreover, old management system didn’t contain an interactive calendar that tracks dentist’s appointments and lacked customized experience for dentists  


My goal in CareCru was to develop a new patient management dashboard that enhances growth to dental practices. The Key of this dashboard was to enhance the front office team’s patient management experience, and to allow dentist to focus their efforts on higher value activities, such as patient interaction and treatment acceptance. As a startup member, the project proceeded with various user testing phases.



As a startup member, I have created CareCru company’s brand guideline with the marketing team. Starting from designing it’s logo, I have developed CareCru’s general mood that carries the company’s goal.

CareCru Brand Guideline

"Developed a persuasive dashboard to motivate dentists to adopt a new patient management system."


Applied user-centered design research methods to identify tactics that catalyzed behaviour change, and designed new features

Our design specifically included way finding design, minimalism, effective colour coding, navigation and visual hierarchy to create behaviour change




Generated solutions that resonated with the complexity of patient management software

More effectively grow and manage business


Friendly and simple user flow

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